Different Strokes Painting Parties

Why choose  a Different Strokes Painting Party?

Fund Raising for Charity or Corporate Team Building

If your organization is looking for a Fun and Creative way to help you raise funds for a charity/organization, or bring employees together for a team building event, this program is guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing.

Social Events

Invite a group of friends to get together and celebrate a wedding shower, birthday, anniversary, or other social event.  Whatever the reason, you will be glad you chose a Different Strokes Painting Program!

You may have the option of  choosing an image that relates to your company or event.  Once you send pictures of several options at least two weeks in advance,  I will choose the one that will work best and create a customized plan.

Different Strokes will supply everything you need, canvas, paints, art materials and guidance – You bring the team!

I think most people would agree that painting is a fun and creative activity, but did you know that it is actually good for you?  Did you know painting:

Fosters Creative Growth:  Many folks believe that painting comes easiest to the artistic or right brained people.  However, left-brained people can be stimulated by painting as well.  Because of their ability to focus, they too can stimulate and nurture their creative growth as well.

Sharpens Memory:  People who use creative outlets such as painting, writing or drawing have less of a chance of developing memory loss illness when they get older.

Outside the Box thinking:  An artist must be able to think conceptually to bring multiple solutions to the table when painting.  How the artist is visualizing their painting in the beginning of the process, often changes  due to unexpected obstacles.  In other words,  the vision evolves during the process, and they are forced to think Outside the Box to complete their project.

Releases Stress:  Painting provides an emotional release for people suffering from stress.  Concentrating on painting helps people unwind so that they focus on painting, thus improving their overall well being.  It has been likened to taking a mini vacation without leaving home!

Encourages Optimism and Emotional Growth – The act of painting produces a sense of accomplishment and boosts self-esteem.  Once the painter begins to paint artwork that is admired by others, it gives them  a sense of pride and happiness.

Program Details:

To see Painting Party in action click on this link: https://youtu.be/JcnLhf7gHBc

You will select one painting for the group to recreate, several weeks ahead of the program.  I have a number of paintings that you may choose from, or you may provide your own. The theme of the painting may be a local landmark, dream vacation, landscape, etc.  Once the painting has been selected and approved by me, your location has been determined, and the date is confirmed, there will be a deposit required to hold the date.  The program includes everything you will need to complete your painting:  canvas, paints, brushes, containers for paints and water, paper plates, wax paper, paper towels, table top easels, chalk, plastic table cloths for tables and guidance.  All food and drink items will be provided by host of the event as well as tables and chairs.

  • Program Cost:  $40 per person with maximum of 26 people and a minimum of 10.  Payment will be due in full one week before the program date.

The event will begin with a few fun warm up exercises, followed by a quick overview of the program.  Then it is time to let the painting begin, and I will be working with you each step along the way.  At the conclusion of the program,  everyone will take home a beautiful painting ready to hang in their home or office.

Because we believe in Different Strokes for different folks – you will have the option of painting your masterpiece- with a BRUSH or with YOUR FINGERS, Yes – Finger Painting for Adults!  It is so empowering and really gets you thinking outside the box.  Pictures below are examples of paintings that were finger painted in acrylics.

Painting by Suzanne Foxwell

Painting by Suzanne Foxwell

Click on this link to contact me:  http://www.suzannefoxwell.com/contact/

Or call: 508-523-8577

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