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Hudson Arts & Craft Fair 5/5/18

I participated in my first Arts & Crafts Show on May 5, 2018.  It was awesome and I sold one of my favorite paintings.  Of course, they are all my favorites and so hard to part with.  The show was well attended and had a total of 55 vendors lining the streets of Hudson. My next arts and craft show is going to be  on Saturday, June 30 in Fairhaven Mass.  I am really looking forward to that one, as we will be staying at our cottage in Fairhaven during that time.

My next Meet the Author/Artist Event is going to be held at CC Lowell in Worcester, MA on Saturday, May 19 from 2:00 – 3:30 PM.  I will be using some of my paintings to demonstrate how our life’s color palette changes with the seasons, and guests will be invited to join me at the easel to put their own strokes on the canvas.  Further details will follow!

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ArtFest Hudson MA

Look for us at ArtsFest Hudson on Saturday, May 5, 2018 – from noon to 5:00 PM.  We will showing some of my new resin art work as well as some unique sea shells that I have painted with gold fish and water lilies. They are floating in resin and look very life like.

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The Art of Living a Colorful Life

I am happy to say that my Memoir, The Art of Living a Colorful Life, has finally been published!!!  While writing my memoir, I had the opportunity to reflect on how similar my approach to life and art have actually been.  Both are so intertwined and fluid, and I tackle them in much the same way – “all in”.  Sometimes things worked out as I hoped and, unfortunately, sometimes they did not.  I thought sharing my story might be helpful to others, because if there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that when you make a mistake, even if it is a big one, you can start over in both life and in art.  It may not be easy, but once you’ve made that first stroke on your blank canvas, each stroke will be easier.

My memoir is available for sale in either paperback or an E-Reader (Kindle) through Amazon by clicking on either link below:

Suzanne’s Book



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Sand Art Terrarium Class at Tower Hill

On Saturday, December 9, 2017, I taught a class in how to construct a beautiful sand art terrarium at Tower Hill Botanical Garden Center in Boylston, MA. Everyone used the same materials, but their projects came out uniquely their own.  Great job everyone and thanks for coming out in the first snow storm of the season!

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Different Strokes Fund Raiser for PAWS Cat Shelter

Everyone had a great time at the Fund Raiser held for PAWS Cat Shelter located in Thompson, CT.  The event was held at Liz’s Diamond Restaurant at Hopedale Airport and Lisa Lund was the organizer.  There were about 25 budding artists participating, and by following our instructions stroke by stroke, everyone had success in turning their blank canvas into a snowman, uniquely their own, with lots of sparkle for the holidays!  Great job everyone!

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Family Ortho of Marlborough Painting Party

A Different Strokes Painting Party was held for the employees of Family Ortho on October 12, 2017.  The Party was held at the Sorrento Restaurant in Milford, MA and there were about 20 students in attendance.  The subject matter chosen by the students to paint was a tropical scene of some distant island.  Everyone seemed so inspired by their results, that they were starting to plan their next visit to the islands!  Great job and thanks again to Holly Kingkade for organizing the event!

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Suzanne Foxwell and Jan Lewis Interview

Link to Interview with Jan Lewis

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Jan Lewis, Host, of “Be My Guest!” to appear on her show and discuss my finger painting for Adults Program called “Safari” and share some of my artwork as well.  “Be my Guest” is filmed and taped in Upton, MA and is ½ hour in length.  To access the show, go to and once on the site, scroll down and click Video Streaming and click onto “Be my Guest”.  There are many episodes on line, 24/7 with a wide variety of guests from New England and beyond.

We spoke again by phone, and I accepted Jan’s invitation to appear on Be My Guest August 2.  The show was very comfortable and casual, and we discussed many of my finger paintings that I brought along to share with her audience.  We then talked about how many senior centers in the area could benefit from such an activity because of the health rewards associated with the activity.  Great time and looking forward to an encore soon!  Thanks Jan!

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Different Strokes Painting Event at Tower Hill

On Sunday, August 6 Steve and I were off again to present another Different Strokes Painting Program at Tower Hill in Boylston, MA called Celebration of Color.  This three hour program began with a quick stroll through the patio area of Tower Hill to view our subject matter up close and personal.  Then it was back inside to recreate our masterpiece.  We all engaged in a series of warm up exercises designed to get those creative juices flowing, followed by step-by-step instructions on how to capture the shapes, textures, and colors of our composition.  At some points, you could hear a pin drop because the concentration was so intense.  By the end, everyone could see their paintings coming together, and then it was time for a real Celebration of Color with a photoshoot of the finished product.  Great Job Everyone!





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Different Strokes Painting Shower Event in Ellington, CT

Saturday, August 5 my husband Steve and I headed out to present our Different Strokes Painting Program at a Bridal Shower held in Ellington, Ct.  The event was hosted by Katherine Cederberg for her daughter, and she selected the “Tropical Paradise” painting for the group to recreate.  After making our way through some very challenging weather, we finally arrived at a beautiful little church around the corner from a lovely lake in Ellington.  Great group of people in a charming setting, and we wish the bride much success with her up-coming wedding!