Artist Biography

I have always been attracted to color and have never met one that I did not like!

As a young girl, I can remember gazing up at the sky and being transfixed by the ever changing displays of color and shapes during a morning sunrise or evening sunset.  Those brilliant flashes of fuchsia – streaked with lemon yellows – reds and purples still fascinate and inspire my work today.

Over the years, I have attended workshops and classes at the Worcester Craft Center in Worcester in sculpting, pottery, and enameling.  I have also studied acrylic and oil painting at the Worcester Art Museum and enjoyed private instruction with local artists.  Many of my paintings focus on seascapes and landscapes of the South Coast of Massachusetts, where I derive inspiration from the local scenery near our  cottage.

Some of these paintings have been featured in galleries on the South Coast and are currently being exhibited in local area venues.

I also enjoy painting interior still lifes and “secret” gardens, because of my background in interior design and garden design.  As owner of The Lamb’s Ear Herb Farm in Holliston, some of the classes I taught were in herbal and perennial garden design, decorating and cooking with herbs, as well as how to make your own herbal beauty products.

Having recently retired from a Sales Manager’s position at the Doubletree Hotel, I have more time to devote to the arts and painting in particular.  While at the hotel, I created an organization called CLASS which was attended by my clients.  The format involved a reception followed by hands on participation of a craft chosen by the group.  Because of my background in the arts, interior design, sales, and floral design, I was a frequent presenter of many programs offered.

I believe that art is a never ending journey, and it is the interpretation of what we see and how we see it that fuels our creativity.  It is also about concentrating on color, form and texture, and when this all comes together, it can be a beautiful thing!

I am now happy to be able to offer you the opportunity to join me on another leg of my journey by participating in an evening of fun at one of my Different Strokes Programs.  

Enjoy your journey!

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